Advanced Seminars in Neuroendocrinology - Aggression

Advanced Seminars in Neuroendocrinology

Spring 2003

Date Speaker Title of the 1o Journal Paper Authors year, journal volume and pages
January 17 Michael Watt Perception of honest signals mediates aggressive responses of male jacky dragons

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Watt, M 2003, submitted to
January 24 Gina Forster Testosterone enhances aggression of wild-type mice but not those deficient in type I 5a-reductase

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ME Rhodes
A Walf
JP Harney
2002, Brain
948: 165-170
January 31 Øyvind Øverli Effect of cortisol on aggression and locomotor activity in rainbow trout Øverli, Ø
S Kotzian
S Winberg
2002, Horm
42: 53-61
February 7 Nathan Bird Adolescent cocaine exposure and offensive aggression: involvement of serotonin neural signaling and innervation in male Syrian hamsters

bg: Essman, '94
bg: Harrison, 2000
DeLeon, KR
JM Grimes
DF Conner
RH Melloni Jr
2002, Behav
Brain Res
133: 211-220
February 14 Trish Crotwell Adrenocortical reactivity and central serotonin and dopamine turnover in young chicks from a high and low feather-pecking line of laying hens van Hierden,YM
SM Korte
EW Ruesink
CG van Reenen
B Engel
GAH Korte-Bouws
JM Koolhaas
HJ Blokhuis
2002, Physiol &
75: 653-659
February 21 Wayne Korzan Laboratory-measured aggressive behavior of women: Acute tryptophan depletion and augmentation

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bg: Young 02
Marsh, DA
DM Dougherty
FG Moeller
AC Swann
R Spiga
2002, Neuro
26: 660-671
February 28 Olivier Lepage Suppression of aggression in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) by dietary L-tryptophan

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Winberg, S
Lepage, O
2001, J Exp Biol 204: 3867-3876
March 7 Spr ing Bro k en
March 14 Joel Farmer Temporal and spatial dynamics of corticosteroid receptor down-regulation in rat brain following social defeat

power point presentation

Buwalda, B
K Felszeghy
KM Horváth
C Nyakas
SF de Boer
B Bohus
JM Koolhaas
2001, Physiol & Behav 72: 349-354
March 22 Erica Freeburg? author 2003, J? ??: ??-??
March 28 Ron Pringle Aggression-associated changes in murine olfactory tubercle bioamines Garris, DR 2003, Brain Res 963: 150-155
April 4 Adam Klapperich author 2003, J? ??: ??-??
April 11 Jim Babineaux author 2003, J? ??: ??-??
April 18 no class Good Friday
April 25 ?? author 2003, J? ??: ??-??
May 2 Summarization Top 5 lists Nathan, Trish, Jim, Adam, Ron, Erica, Gina, Michael, Øyvind, Tangi, Wayne, Ken, Cliff 2003, Tangi Summers Press Spring
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