. Advanced Seminars in Neuroendocrinology - POA

Advanced Seminars in Neuroendocrinology

Fall 1999

Date Speaker Title of the 1o Journal Paper Authors year, journal volume and pages
September 10 Phil Johnson Synaptic connections between substance P-containing axons and estrogen receptor-synthesizing neurons in the medial preoptic area of the rat brain Kalló, I, C Fekete, CW Coen and Z Liposits 1998, Brain Res 781: 335-338
September 17 Aaron Prestbo Involvement of the medial preoptic area in the anorectic action of estrogens au 1997, AJP 281: 163-172
September 24 Phillip Johnson GABAergic regulation of lordosis: Influence of gonadal hormones on turnover of GABA and interaction of GABA with 5-HT au 1996, 725: 263-267
September 24 Pat Ronan
Neuroscience Journal Club
ti au 1998, Neuropsychopharm 18: 492-502
1 October Loren Buck Leptin receptors in estrogen recetor-containing neurons of the female rat hypothalamus au 1998, Brain Res 788: 305-310
October 8 Ken Renner Comparison of serotonin receptor numbers and activity in specific hypothalamic areas of sexually active and inactive female rats au 1997, Brain Res 17: 4448-4460
October 15 Michael Brandt Catecholaminergic and neuropeptide Y-immunoreactive synaptic inputs onto median preoptic nucleus neurons projecting to the ventolateral medullary catecholaminergic area in the rat au 1999, Brain Res 17: 4895-4903
October 22 Karger Workshop & JB Johnston Club Miami Beach, FL
October 29 Society for Neuroscience 29th Annual Meeting Miami Beach, FL
November 5 Hong Nguyen Effects of a D1 antagonist and of sexual experience on copulation-induced Fos-like immunoreactivity in the medial preoptic nucleus Lumley, LA and EM Hull 1999, Brain Res 829: 55-68
November 12 Mark Lounsbery Effect of photoperiod on neuronal estrogen and progestin receptor immunoreactivity in female Syrian hamsters Mangels, RA, JB Powers and JD Blaustein 1998, Brain Res 796: 63-74
November 19 Phil Johnson ti au 1997, Brain Res 778: 381-387
November 26 Thanksgiving
December 2 Dan Dennison ti au 1997, Brain Research 744: 166-170
December 4 Aaron Prestbo ti au 1997, J Neuroscience 17: 6434-6446
December 11 Cliff Synthesis and Integration Top 5 List Limbic Map Take Home Messages

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