Advanced Seminars in Neuroendocrinology - Stress and Memory

Advanced Seminars in Neuroendocrinology
Stress & Memory

Spring 2001

Date Speaker Title of the 1o Journal Paper Authors year, journal volume and pages Background
January 19 Wayne Korzan Food deprivation modulates chronic stress effects on object recognition in male rats: Role of monoamines and amino acids Beck K
VN Luine
1999, Brain Res 830: 56-71
January 26 Holly Miner Glucocorticoid enhancement of memory consolidation in the rat is blocked by muscarinic receptor antagonism in the basolateral amygdala Power AE
B Roozendaal
JL McGaugh
2000, Eur J Neurosci 12: 3481-3487
February 2 Jenn Jenkins Chronic stress in pregnant rats: Effects on growth rate, anxiety and memory capabilities of the offspring

Prenatal stress in rats: Effects on plasma corticosterone, hippocampal glucocorticoid receptors, and maze performance
Lordi B
V Patin
P Protais
D Mellier
J Caston

Szuran TF
V PliŠka
J Polorny
H Welzl
2000, Int J Psychophys

2000, Phys Behav
37: 195-205

71: 353-362
de Kloet
EJP 2000
February 9 Kristin Oakland Synaptic plasticity in the human dentate gyrus Beck H
IV Goussakov
A Lie
C Helmstaedter
CE Elger
2000, J Neurosci 20: 7080-7086
February 16 Jerry Erlandson Sex differences in dendritic atrophy of CA3 pyramidal neurons in response to chronic restraint stress Galea, LAM
BS McEwen
P Tanapat
T Deak
RL Spencer
FS Dhabhar
1997, Neuroscience 81: 689-697 Margariños
BR 1998
February 23 Maria Martin Enhancement of performance in multiple learning tasks by corticotropin-releasing factor-binding protein ligand inhibitors Heinrichs, SC
EA Vale
J Lapsansky
DP Behan
LV McClure
N Ling
EB De Souza
G Schulteis
1997, Peptides 18: 711-716 Croiset
EJP 2000
March 2 Eric Liknes Rapid effects of corticosterone on cache recovery in mountain chickadees (Parus gambeli) Saldanha, CJ
BA Schlinger
NS Clayton
2000, Horm Behav 37: 109-115
March 9 Spr ing Bro k en
March 16 Jenn Jenkins Reaction of sleep-wakefulness cycle to stress is related to differences in hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis reactivity in rat Bouyer, JJ
M Valée
JM Deminière
M Le Moal
W Mayo
1998, Brain Res 804: 114-124
March 23 Ken Renner Corticosterone inhibits generations of long-term potentiation in rat hippocampal slice: Involvement of brain-derived neurotrophic factor Zhou, J
F Zhang
Y Zhang
2000, Brain Res 885: 182-191
March 30 no class
April 6 no class
April 13 Good Friday the 13 th
April 20 Wayne Korzan Effects of medial and dorsal cortex lesions on spatial memory in lizards Day, LB
D Crews
W Wilczynski
2000, Behav Brain Res 118: 27-42
April 27 Eric Liknes Homing in pigeons: The role of the hippocampal formation in the representation of landmarks used for navigation Gagliardo, A
P Ioalé
VP Bingman
1999, J Neurosci 19: 311-315 Ioalé
BBR 2000
May 4 Tangi Summers Top 5 lists Jeremy, Jerry, Maria, Brian, Jenn, Kristin, Holly, Tangi, Wayne, Aaron, Ken 2001, Tangi Summers Press Spring
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