Advanced Seminars in Neuroendocrinology - Voltammetry

Advanced Seminars in Neuroendocrinology

Fall 2002

Date Speaker Title of the 1o Journal Paper Authors year, journal volume and pages
September 13 Gina Forster M5 Muscarinic Receptors Forster, GL 2001, J Neurosci 21: RC190
September 27 Wayne Korzan Ethanol modulates evoked dopamine release in mouse nucleus accumbens: dependence on social stress and dose

power point presentation
Yavich, L
J Tiihonen
2000, E J Pharmacol 401: 365-373
October 4 Parrish Waters Glutamate regulates the spontaneous and evoked release of dopamine in the striatum

power point presentation

Kulagina, NV
MJ Zigmond
AC Michael
2001, Neuroscience 102: 121-128
October 12

power point presentation

bg: Da Costa Gomez et al 1995
bg: Parades et al 2000
Oliveria, MA
WA Prado
2001, Brain Res Bull 54: 55-63
October 19

power point presentation

bg: Goosens et al 2000
Kim, JJ
HJ Lee
J-S Han
MG Packard
2001, J Neurosci 21: 5222-5228
October 26

power point presentation

bg: Da Costa Gomez 1995
bg: Paredes 2000
Oliveira, MA
WA Prado
2001, Brain Res Bull 54: 55-63
November 9 JB Johnston Club San Diego, CA
November 16 Society for Neuroscience 31th Annual Meeting San Diego, CA
November 23 Thanksgiving Pilgrims 1622 1: eat-sleep
November 30 Wayne Korzan Stress-induced sensitization of CRH-ir but not P-CREB-ir responsivity in the rat central nervous system Bruijnzeel, AW
R Stam
JC Compaan
VM Wiegant
2001, Brain Research 908: 187-196
December 7 Øyvind Øverli &
Erik Höglund
Fish Amygdala
December 14 Take Home Messages Top 5
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