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Research Interests
Our laboratory focuses on the impact of social and environmental stressors on molecular, neural and endocrine responses to influence adaptive behavior and activities like learning, coping, developing social rank relationships, biological rhythms, reproduction, and social interaction. Of special interest are how and why individuals differ, and how responses are characterized temporally. The investigations include the connection between molecular, neural and endocrine responses and variability in the magnitude and way in which individuals respond to and cope with stress behaviorally. We have recently developed a new model that includes aggression, learned escape and conditioned submission. We are interested in elucidating the mechanisms by which experience modulates the responsiveness of neural and hormonal stress responses. We think it is important to relate molecular genetics, physiology and anatomy to behavior, ecology and evolution.
Selected Recent Publications
Carpenter RE and CH Summers 2009 Learning strategies during fear conditioning 
	Neurobiology of Learning and Memory 91: 415-423

Carpenter RE, WJ Korzan, C Bockholt, MJ Watt, GL Forster, KJ Renner and CH Summers 
	2009 Corticotropin releasing factor influences aggression and monoamines: 
	Modulation of attacks and retreats. Neuroscience 158: 412-425 
Ronan PJ and CH Summers 2011 Molecular signaling and translational significance of
	the corticotropin releasing factor system In Progress in Molecular Biology  
	and Translational Science Vol 98 The Brain as a Drug Target, S Rahman ed,  
	Academic Press, Burlington pp. 235-292
Tokarz RR and CH Summers 2010 Stress and Reproduction in Reptiles In Hormones  
	and Reproduction of Vertebrates, Vol 3 - Reptiles, DO Norris, KH Lopez eds,   
	Elsevier, San Diego, Chapter 7 pp. 169-213
Waters RP, KJ Renner, CH Summers, MJ Watt, GL Forster, LG Koch, SL Britten, JG Swallow
	2010 Selection for intrinsic endurance modifies endocrine stress responsiveness 
	Brain Res 1357: 53-61
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Laboratory: 178A Churchill-Haines
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