Karen L. Koster, Ph.D.
Courses Offered

Department of Biology
The University of South Dakota
414 E. Clark Street
Vermillion, SD 57069
Phone: 1-605-677-6173
Fax: 1-605-677-6557
E-mail: Karen.Koster@usd.edu

  • BIOL 427/527  Plant Physiology

  • 4 credit hours.   Plant Physiology is an integrative discipline that asks and answers questions about plant form and function. In this course, we focus primarily on three major aspects of plant physiology: plant water relations, biochemistry and metabolism, and growth and development. Lectures are integrated with a weekly lab component.
    Prerequisites: BIOL 151/153 or equivalent; CHEM 112 or equivalent.

  • BIOL 425/525  Cellular Physiology

  • 3 credit hours.   This course discusses cellular functions, with a focus on eukaryotic cells, but including a brief overview of prokaryotic cells and viruses. Regulation of cellular metabolism is emphasized.
    Prerequisites: BIOL 151/153 or equivalent; pre- or co-requisite, CHEM 326 or equivalent.

  • BIOL 443/543  Cell Biology

  • 3 credit hours.   This course discusses the typical structures of the eukaryotic cell, with a focus on how the chemical and physical properties of cellular structures enable the functions of life to occur.
    Prerequisites: BIOL 151/153 and CHEM 114 or equivalents.

  • BIOL 101  Biology Survey I

  • 4 credit hours (including BIOL 101L lab).   One of two courses in the survey sequence intended for those not majoring in biology. Topics presented include basic principles of Mendelian and modern genetics, cell and molecular biology, and physiological mechanisms in plants and animals. Lecture plus lab component.
    Course prerequisite: none. Course co-requisite: BIOL 101L. Total of 4 credit hours: 3 for BIOL 101 and 1 for BIOL 101L.

  • BIOL 490  Senior Seminar

  • 1 credit hour.   This course serves as a capstone course for the Biology major. Students use recent literature to prepare and present a short biology seminar. Students write a formal abstract of their presentation to facilitate class discussion on the topic.
    Prerequisite: 20 credit hours in Biology.

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