Behavioral Neuroscience
Yawning Behavior
Evolution of Yawning
Sensory Afferents to Yawn
Gating the Yawn
Yawning Regulating Yawn Gating
Efferent Yawn Output
Neuromuscular Production of Yawns
Integration of Yawn Circuitry and Behavior
norepinephrine (NE)
Oxytocin (OT)
Yawning figures
Yawn Circuitry
end     Acronyms/Abbreviations

Myth Yawning YAWN-O-METER

Yawning Animals Fish coral fishRainbow Fish probably not not a yawn Reptiles Anolis Yawning?iguana yawning Birds Sea Gull Yawning Mammals foxy yawning leopard yawn Hippo OtterSeal
Before birth yawning before birth in utero in utero
Stages of Yawning Can you tell: (1) Initiation, (2) Acme, (3) Conclusion Phases of Yawning stages in motion Stages of Yawning Look for (1) Initiation: opening the mouth widely (2) Acme: thorax reaches maximum capacity, thorax maxima breathing stops, eyes close, Pandiculation (3) Conclusion: short expiration
Yawn Contagion yawn contageoncontageous CONTAGION-YAWN-O-METER fMRI of contagion

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