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Current Lab Group

				Megan JohnMegan John - PhD Student - Nanotechnology and Neuroscience Networks Fellow
				Tangi R Summers, MATangi Summers - Research Associate
				Cliff H Summers, PhDCliff Summers - PI                

Undergraduate researchers: Brianna Cox 2022-2023, Gabe Legner 2022-2023, Lauren Meyer 2022-2023

Selected PhD Student Publications          
Arendt DH, J Hassell, Hao Li, JK Achua, DJ Guarnieri, RJ DiLeone, PJ Ronan, and CH Summers 2014 Anxiolytic function of the orexin 2 / 
	hypocretin A receptor in the basolateral amygdala. Psychoneuroendocrinology 40C: 17-26

Carpenter RE, B Sabirzhanov, TR Summers, TG Clark, J Keifer and CH Summers 2023 Anxiolytic reversal of classically conditioned / 
	chronic stress-induced gene expression and learning in the Stress Alternatives Model. Behavioural Brain Research 
	114258: 440: 1-10 

Korzan WJ, TR Summers and CH Summers 2021 Neural and endocrine responses to social stress differ during actual and virtual aggressive 
	interactions or physiolgical sign stimuli. Biological Processes 182: 104294: 1-10

Meyer, WN, J Keifer, WJ Korzan and CH Summers 2004 Social stress and corticosterone regionally upregulate limbic 
	N-methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor (NR) subunit type NR2A and NR2B in the lizard Anolis
	carolinensis.  Neuroscience 128: 675-684

Robertson JM†, JK Achua†, JP Smith†, MA Prince, CD Staton, PJ Ronan, TR Summers, CH Summers 2017 Anxious behavior induces elevated 
	hippocampal Cb2 receptor gene expression.  Neuroscience 352: 273-284 

Ronan PJ, MP Gaikowski, SJ Hamilton, KJ Buhl and CH Summers 2007 Ammonia causes decreased brain monoamines in fathead minnows (Pimephales 
	promelas). Brain Res 1147: 184-191

Smith JP, MA Prince, JK Achua, JM Robertson, RT Anderson, PJ Ronan, and CH Summers 2016 Intensity of anxiety is modified via complex 
	integrative stress circuitries. Psychoneuroendocrinology 63: 351-361

Ten Eyck, GR, PJ Ronan, KJ Renner and CH Summers 2005 Serotonin metabolism in directly developing frog embryos during paternal care. 
	Neurosci Lett 388: 100-105

Waters RP, M Rivalan, D Bangasser, J Deussing, M Ising, SK Wood, F Holsboer, CH Summers 2015 Evidence for the role of 
	corticotropin-releasing factor in major depression disorder Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews 63: 351-361

Yaeger JDW, KT Krupp, JJ Gale, CH Summers 2020 Counter-balanced microcircuits for Orx1 and Orx2 regulation
	of stress reactivity. Medicine in Drug Discovery  
A complete listing of Lab publications

Summers' Lab Alumni

Postdoctoral Fellows, Research Associates,and Research Asstistant Professors

Gina Forster - Professor Otago Uni NZGina Forster, Ph.D.2002-2005 Michael J. WattMichael Watt, Ph.D. 2002-2006 Øyvind ØverliØyvind Øverli, PhD 2001-2003
Erik HöglundErik Höglund, PhD 2001-2002 NeuralEarl T. Larson, PhD 1995-1996 ZippyJohn M. Matter, PhD 1994-1995

Ph.D. Students

Leighton Ledesma, Jazmine Yaeger 16 Jazmine D.W. Yaeger, Ph.D. 2016-2021, James M RobertsonJames M. Robertson 2014-2016
Justin Smith Justin P. Smith, Ph.D. 2008-2014, David Arendt David H. Arendt, Ph.D. 2007-2013, Russ Carpenter Russ E. Carpenter, Ph.D. 2004-2009
Whitney M. Meyer 2001-2002, Jodi L LukkesJodi Lukkes Ph.D. 2003-2007, Wayne R. Parrish Waters, Ph.D. 2002-2007
Wayne Wayne J. Korzan, Ph.D. 2000-2004, Pat Patrick J. Ronan, Ph.D. -2000, Gary R. Ten Eyck Gary R. Ten Eyck, Ph.D. 1994-1997

Masters Students

Holly GerberdingHolly Gerberding - 2021-2022, Kevin KruppKevin Krupp, MS - N3 2018-2021, Jason Gale Jason Gale - N3 2020-2021
Benard Onserio, M.S. 2018-2021, Clarissa D StatonClarissa Staton, M.S. 2015-2018, Justin AchuaJustin K. Achua, M.S. 2013-2016
Torrie SummersTorrie Summers, Ph.D. 2010-2011, Travis Ling Travis J. Ling, MBA, MS 2005-2007, Aaron Prestbo Aaron Prestbo, M.A., M.D. 1998-2000
Wayne Wayne J. Korzan, M.A., Ph.D. 1998-1999, Troy Gust Troy Gust, M.A., M.D. 1997-1998, David Kappenman, M.D. 1997-1998
Aaron Emerson Aaron J. Emerson, M.A., J.D. 1996-1997, Jen McKayJen McKay, M.A., M.D. 1994-1996, PatPatrick J. Ronan, MA, PhD 1994-1995
Chico BlancoTom Andrews, MA 1992-1994, Mark GaikowskiMark Gaikowski, MA 1992-1994, Teresa L. Grant, M.N.S1991-1992

   Undergraduates undergraduate coauthors on published papers*

Melissa Wyum - 2021 UDiscover Fellow, Nathan Popp - 2021 SPURA Fellow, Chase Howe 2020 SPURA Fellow,
Alexander RodriguezH 2019-2021, Tayler ModlinH 2019-2020, Jason Gale*, Nolop Fellow (2019) 2018-2019,
Camyron Ballard 2019, Dale Loudon 2019-,
Nathan Popp 2019-, Ashley Potter 2019-, Joel Stroman 2019-
Ben Jacobs*- Nolop Fellow (2018), UDiscover Fellow (2019) 2017-2019, Trevor Allen - 2019 SPURA Fellow 2018-2019
Nathan Jones 2017-2019, Carter Kerber 2017-2018, Mary Leopold 2017-, Lauren Mattison - 2018 SPURA Fellow 2018
Kailyn Mutsch 2017-, Christian Roeder 2017-, Evan Rolling 2017-, Alyssa Zirpel 2018-
Fadi Haroun* 2016-2017, Delan Khalid* 2016-2017, Tyler Seidal 2016-2017, Tim Skog 2016 SPURA Fellow2016
Melissa Pratt (nee Prince)Melissa Pratt (Prince)***- 2014 SPURA Fellow 2013-2016, Brandon Meyerink* -2017,
Ray Anderson*, Connor Donohoe, Justin Achua***** 2012-2013, Renita Goetz -2013, Zach Orr* 2012-2013,
Kevin Oliver** 2010-2012, Amber Groninger 2010, Tyler Brown 2010, Michael Wager 2010, Dylan Grau 2009-2010,
Blair Research Project: Alicia Arens, Josh Cope, Megan Dirks,
Joel Farmer, Ernie Christensen, Ben Shumaker, Travis La Brake, Maria Martin,
Christie Nicholas, Meredith Flynn, Dan Dennison, Jesse Kampshoff*,
emailKyle Potter, email.gifDustin Snelling, emailStephanie Theel, emailScott Keckler, emailTraci Sevigny, email Sarah ScottSarah M. Scott,
Amy L. Haupert (Hunter)*, M.D., Alison F. Chinn, emailPaul A. Deck, email.gif Lacy Claeys (Adams), D.D.S., email Paige Nelson 94-96,
email Kim Mark, M.A., M.D., Stephanie Bent, Megan Lavin,
Jennifer Klein, Denise A. Luna (Suedkamp)*, emailLeo Flynn, M.D., Pete Hofmann*, M.D.

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