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Publications including student co-authorship
Graduate Students* in bold italics, undergraduate students in bold alone, postdocs* in italics
*Includes publications after graduations or completetion of postdoctoral training
Yaeger JDW, KT Krupp, JJ Gale, CH Summers 2020 Counter-balanced microcircuits for Orx1 and Orx2 regulation
	of stress reactivity. Medicine in Drug Discovery

Summers CH, JDW Yaeger, CD Staton, DH Arendt, TR Summers 2020 Orexin/hypocretin receptor modulation of anxiolytic and antidepressive 
	responses during social stress and decision-making: potential for therapy. Brain Research 1731: 146085: 1-15 
Robertson JM, AR Cahlander-Mooers, CH Summers and MD Dixon 2019 Population condition of Populus xsmithii, 
	a pleistocene relict aspen of the Niobrara River valley, Nebraska, USA. Natural Areas Journal 39: 286-296 

Staton CD, JDW Yaeger, DD Khalid, F Haroun, BS Fernandez, JS Fernandez, BK Summers, TR Summers, M Sathyanesan, SS Newton, CH Summers 
	2018 Orexin 2 receptor stimulation enhances resilience, while orexin 2 inhibition promotes susceptibility, to social stress, anxiety and
	depression. Neuropharmacology 143: 79-94.

Robertson JM, JK Achua, JP Smith, MA Prince, CD Staton, PJ Ronan, TR Summers, CH Summers 2017 Anxious behavior induces 
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	indecision during escape and submission in rainbow trout during socially aggressive interactions in the Stress-Alternatives Model
	Frontiers in Neuroscience 11: 515: 1-13

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 	integrative stress circuitries. Psychoneuroendocrinology 63: 351-361

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Robertson JM, MA Prince, JK Achua, RE Carpenter, DH Arendt, JP Smith, TL Summers, TR Summers, and CH Summers 2015 Nuance and behavioral	
	cogency: How the Visible Burrow System inspired the Stress-Alternatives Model and conceptualization of the continuum of anxiety. 	
	Physiology and Behavior 146: 86-97

Arendt DH, J Hassell, Hao Li, JK Achua, DJ Guarnieri, RJ DiLeone, PJ Ronan, and CH Summers 2014
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 	Psychoneuroendocrinology 40C: 17-26

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	Front Behav Neurosci 8:121: 1-13 doi: 10.3389/fnbeh.2014.00121

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Clotfelter ED, EP O'Hare, MM McNitt, RE Carpenter and CH Summers 2007 
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	Pharmacol, Biochem Behav 87: 222-31
Korzan WJ, E Höglund, MJ Watt, GL Forster, Ø Øverli, JL Lukkes and CH Summers
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	perception of social threat rapidly alters neuroendocrine activity 
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	raphe elicits temporally distinct serotonergic responses in 
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