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Publications from Studies on Rodents
Korzan WJ and CH Summers 2021 Evolution of stress responses refine mechanisms of social rank. 
	Neurobiology of Stress 100328: 1-19
Pang T, JDW Yaeger, CH Summers, and R Mitra 2021 Cardinal role of the environment in stress induced changes
	across life stages and generations. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews 124: 137-150 
Yaeger JDW, KT Krupp, JJ Gale, CH Summers 2020 Counter-balanced microcircuits for Orx1 and Orx2 regulation
	of stress reactivity. Medicine in Drug Discovery 100059:  1-20

Summers CH, JDW Yaeger, CD Staton, DH Arendt, TR Summers 2020 Orexin/hypocretin receptor modulation of anxiolytic and antidepressive 
	responses during social stress and decision-making: potential for therapy. Brain Research 1731: 146085: 1-15

Staton CD, JDW Yaeger, DD Khalid, F Haroun, BS Fernandez, JS Fernandez, BK Summers, TR Summers, M Sathyanesan, SS Newton, CH Summers, 2018
	Orexin 2 receptor stimulation enhances resilience, while orexin 2 inhibition promotes susceptibility, to social stress, anxiety and
	depression. Neuropharmacology 143: 79-94.

Smith JP, MA Prince, JK Achua, JM Robertson, RT Anderson, PJ Ronan, and CH Summers 2016 Intensity of anxiety is modified via complex 
	integrative stress circuitries. Psychoneuroendocrinology 63: 351-361

Robertson JM, MA Prince, JK Achua, RE Carpenter, DH Arendt, JP Smith, TL Summers, TR Summers, and CH Summers 2015 Nuance and behavioral
	cogency: How the Visible Burrow System inspired the Stress-Alternatives Model and conceptualization of the continuum of anxiety. 
	Physiology and Behavior 146: 86-97

Arendt DH, J Hassell, Hao Li, JK Achua, DJ Guarnieri, RJ DiLeone, PJ Ronan, and CH Summers 2014  
	Anxiolytic function of the orexin 2 /hypocretin A receptor in the basolateral amygdala. 
	Psychoneuroendocrinology 40C: 17-26

Smith JP, JK Achua, TR Summers, PJ Ronan and CH Summers 2014 Neuropeptide S and BDNF gene 
	expression in the amygdala are influenced by social decision-making under stress. 
	Front Behav Neurosci 8:121: 1-13 doi: 10.3389/fnbeh.2014.00121

Arendt DH, PJ Ronan, KD Oliver, LB Callahan,TR Summers and CH Summers 2013 Depressive 
	behavior and activation of the orexin/hypocretin system Behav Neurosci 127:86-94

Blanchard DC, CH Summers, and RJ Blanchard 2013 The role of behavior in translational models
	for psychopathology: Functionality and dysfunctional behaviors. Neuroscience and 
	Biobehavioral Reviews 37: 1567-1577
Arendt DH, JP Smith, CC Bastida, M Prasad, KD Oliver,  KM Eyster, TR Summers, Y Delville
	and CH Summers 2012 Contrasting hippocampal and amygdalar expression of genes related 
	to neural plasticity during escape from social aggression. Phys Behav 107:670-679

Ronan PJ and CH Summers 2011 Molecular signaling and translational significance of
	the corticotropin releasing factor system - Chap 6 In Progress in Molecular Biology  
	and Translational Science Vol 98 The Brain as a Drug Target, S Rahman ed,  
	Academic Press, Burlington pp. 235-292
Waters RP, KJ Renner, CH Summers, MJ Watt, GL Forster, LG Koch, SL Britten, JG Swallow 2010 
	Selection for intrinsic endurance modifies endocrine stress responsiveness Brain Res 1357: 53-61
Lowry CA, MW Hale, A Plant, RJ Windle, N Shanks, SA Wood, CD Ingram, KJ Renner, S Lightman
	and CH Summers  2009 Fluoxetine inhibits corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF-induced 
	behavioural responses 	in rats. Stress 12: 225-239

Lukkes JL, CH Summers, JL Scholl, KJ Renner and GL Forster 2009 Early life social 
	isolation alters corticotropin-releasing factor responses in adult rats 
	Neuroscience 158: 845-855

Forster GL, RB Pringle, NJ Mouw, SM Vuong, MJ Watt, AR Burke, CA Lowry, CH Summers
	and KJ Renner 2008 Corticotrophin-releasing factor in the dorsal raphé increases
	medial prefrontal cortical serotonin via type 2 receptors and median raphé 
	activity.  Eur J Neuroscience 28: 299-310

Lukkes JL, GL Forster, KJ Renner and CH Summers 2008 Corticotropin-releasing 
	factor 1 and 2 receptors in the dorsal raphé differentially affect serotonin 
	release in the nucleus accumbens. Eur J Pharmacol 578: 185-193
Waters RP, KJ Renner, RB Pringle, CH Summers, SL Britton, LG Koch, JG Swallow 2008 
	Selection for aerobic capacity affects corticosterone, monoamines and  
	wheel-running activity Physiol & Behav 93: 1044-1054
Forster GL, N Feng, MJ Watt, WJ Korzan,  NJ Mouw, CH Summers and 
	KJ Renner 2006 Corticotropin-releasing factor in the dorsal 
	raphe elicits temporally distinct serotonergic responses in 
	the limbic system Neuroscience 141: 1047-1055

Summers, CH, JL Kampshoff, PJ Ronan, CA Lowry, AA Prestbo, WJ Korzan 
	and KJ Renner 2003 Monoaminergic activity in subregions of raphé
	nuclei elicited by prior stress and the neuropeptide corticotropin-
	releasing factor Journal of Neuroendocrinology 15: 1122-1133

Hoffman, CS, TM Westin, HM Miner, PL Johnson, CH Summers and KJ Renner 2002
	GABAergic drugs alter hypothalamic serotonin release and lordosis in
	estrogen-primed rats. Brain Research 946: 96-103

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