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Publications from Studies on Fish

Summers TR, TL Summers,  RE Carpenter,  JP Smith,  SL Young,  B Meyerink,  TZ Orr,  DH Arendt, and  CH Summers 2017 Learning and CRF-induced 
	indecision during escape and submission in rainbow trout during socially aggressive interactions in the Stress-Alternatives Model
	Frontiers in Neuroscience 11: 515: 1-13
Sørensen C, GE Nilsson, CH Summers and Ø Øverli 2011 Social stress reduces forebrain 
	cell proliferation in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). 
	Behav Brain Res in press doi:10.1016/j.bbr.2011.01.041

Clotfelter ED, MM McNitt, RE Carpenter and CH Summers 2010 Modulation of monoamine 
	neurotransmitters in fighting fish Betta splendens exposed to waterborne 
	phytoestrogens Fish Physiol Biochem 36: 933-943
Carpenter RE and CH Summers 2009 Learning strategies during fear conditioning 
	Neurobiology of Learning and Memory 91: 415-423

Carpenter RE, WJ Korzan, C Bockholt, MJ Watt, GL Forster, KJ Renner and CH Summers 
	2009 Corticotropin releasing factor influences aggression and monoamines: 
	Modulation of attacks and retreats. Neuroscience 158: 412-425

Lorenzi V, RE Carpenter, CH Summers, RL Earley and MS Grober 2009 Serotonin, social status and 
	sex change in the bluebanded goby Lythrypnus dalli. Physiol Behav 97: 476-483

Shaw JC, WJ Korzan, RE Carpenter, AM Kuris, KD Lafferty, CH Summers, Ø Øverli 2009 
	Parasite manipulation of brain monoamines in California killifish (Fundulus parvipinnis) 
	by the trematode Euhaplorchis californiensis. Proc R Soc B 276: 1137-1146
Carpenter RE, MJ Watt, GL Forster, Ø Øverli, C Bockholt, KJ Renner and CH Summers
	2007 Corticotropin releasing factor induces anxiogenic locomotion in trout and
	alters serotonergic and dopaminergic activity. Horm & Behav 52: 600-611

Clotfelter ED, EP O'Hare, MM McNitt, RE Carpenter and CH Summers 2007 
	Pharmacological manipulation of the serotonergic system affects aggressive 
	behavior and brain monoamine levels in the fighting fish Betta splendens. 
	Pharmacol, Biochem Behav 87: 222-31

Øverli Ø, C Sørensen, KGT Pulman, TG Pottinger, WJ Korzan, CH Summers 
	and G Nilsson 2007 Evolutionary background for stress coping styles:
	Relationships between physiological, behavioral, and cognitive
	traits in non-mammalian vertebrates Neurosci Biobehav Rev 31: 

Ronan PJ, MP Gaikowski, SJ Hamilton, KJ Buhl and CH Summers 2007 
	Ammonia causes decreased brain monoamines in fathead minnows 
	(Pimephales promelas). Brain Res 1147: 184-191

Sørensen C, Ø Øverli, CH Summers, G Nilsson 2007 Social regulation
	of neurogenesis in teleosts. Brain Behav Evol 70: 239-246
Summers CH and S Winberg 2006 Interactions between the neural
	regulation of stress and aggression J Exp Biol 209: 4581-4589
Summers, CH, MJ Watt, TL Ling, GL Forster, RE Carpenter, WJ Korzan,
	JL Lukkes, Ø Øverli 2005 Glucocorticoid interaction with 
	aggression in non-mammalian vertebrates: Reciprocal action.
	Eur J Parmacol 526: 21-35

Larson, ET, S Winberg, I Mayer, O LePage, CH Summers and Ø Øverli 2004
	Social stress affects circulating melatonin levels in rainbow trout.
	Geneneral and Compomparative Endocrinology 136: 322-327

Øverli, Ø, WJ Korzan, E Höglund, S Winberg, H Bollig, MJ Watt, GL Forster,
	BA Barton, E Øverli, KJ Renner and CH Summers 2004 Stress coping style
	predicts aggression and social dominance in rainbow trout.
	Hormones & Behavior 45: 235-241

Øverli, Ø, WJ Korzan, ET Larson, O Lepage, TG Pottinger, S Winberg, KJ Renner
	and CH Summers 2004 Behavioral and neuroendocrine correlates of 
	displaced aggression in trout Hormones & Behavior 45: 324-329
Larson, ET, DO Norris, EG Grau and CH Summers 2003 Monoamines stimulate
	sex reversal in the saddleback wrasse General and Comparative
	Endocrinology 130: 289-298

Larson, ET, DO Norris and CH Summers 2003 Monoaminergic
	changes associated with socially induced sex reversal
	in the saddleback wrasse Neuroscience 119: 251-263

Larson, ET, DO Norris, EG Grau and CH Summers 1999 Central monoaminergic
	changes accompany sex reversal in the saddleback wrasse In
	Norberg, B, OS Kjesbu, GL Taranger et. al. (eds.) Proc 6th Int Symp
	Repro Physiol Fish, 53-55

Gaikowski, MP, SJ Hamilton, KJ Buhl, SF McDonald, and CH Summers 1996
	Acute toxicity of three fire retardant and two fire suppressant foam
	formulations to the early life stages of rainbow trout
	(Onchorhynchus mykiss) Env Toxicol Chem 15: 1365-1374.

Gaikowski, MP, SJ Hamilton, KJ Buhl, SF McDonald, and CH Summers 1996
	Acute toxicity of fire fighting chemical formulations to four life
	stages of fathead minnow. Ecotoxicol. Env. Safety 34: 252-263.

Recent Abstracts
Carpenter RE, B Sabirzhanov and CH Summers 2009 Molecular substrates of social 
	fear conditioning in the dorsolateral pallium (hippocampus) of Rainbow trout 
	Soc Neurosci Abs 35: in press

Arendt DH, RE Carpenter, JP Smith, KJ Renner and CH Summers 2008 Aggression 
	modifies regionally specific serotonergic and dopaminergic activities in 
	corticotropin releasing factor treated trout Soc Neurosci Abs 34: 394.14

Carpenter RE, I Sabirzhanov, DH Arendt, JP Smith, TG Clark and CH Summers 2008 
	Brain derived neurotrophic factor mRNA in the hippocampus (dorsolateral pallium) 
	of rainbow trout is differentially regulated by coping strategy, revealed in 
	a new model of fear conditioning Soc Neurosci Abs 34: 292.11

Carpenter RE and CH Summers 2008 Is the dorsolateral pallium of rainbow trout 
	important for learning during aggression? Brain Behav Evol 72: 79

Summers CH, RE Carpenter and DH Arendt 2007  A new model of fear learning 
	Soc Neurosci Abs 33: 529.1

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